Rhode Island School of Design
Instructor: Jacek Mrowczyk  
Design I
Fall 2017

Unit 1: How can designers translate existing form into something new?
Unit Assignment: Keetra Dean Dixon 
Designers often act as interpreters, editors, and translators, moving meaning from one form into another. To create work that becomes a successful extension of its origins, one must first understand the essential qualities of those origins. This process opens up for close evaluation and critical consideration, followed by a clear articulation of what’s to be communicated. In this unit, students will select an inspiring piece of visual work as a launch point, then use abstraction, simplification, and translation to convey the essence of that work through abstract graphic form.
Cold Picnic Rug Room Box Photography 
After finalizing the five abstract, graphic forms, I created a vehicle that features the defining qualities of my previous compositions. Using the forms of the Cold Picnic-inspired forms, I created a stackable kids puzzle.